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Allegheny National Forest 2019 Hunting Road List

Allegheny National Forest 2019 Hunting Road List

Allegheny National Forest 2019 Hunting Road List

Warren, Pa. (September 24, 2019) — The USDA Forest Service – Allegheny National Forest (ANF) will open designated Forest roads for hunter access between September 25, 2019 and February 15, 2020. Traditionally gated roads are opened each fall to allow preseason scouting and hunting during regular seasons.

The list has been posted on the ANF website: under the Quick Links section on the top right side of the page. Hunters may pick up a copy at any of the ANF’s offices.

Please note that only the main roads and listed spur roads are open. Side roads are closed to vehicle traffic. Roads may be closed at any time due to weather, unsafe conditions, or to protect resources. 

The ANF’s Motor Vehicle Use Map (MVUM) contains current road policy. MVUM maps are available at any of the offices or on the web under the Maps and Permits section on the lower right side of the page:

Non-motorized use, including hiking, biking, and horseback riding, is always permitted on closed roads. Off-highway vehicle (ATVs, motorcycles) use is not permitted off the designated ATV/OHM trail system at any time.

Hunter access road statuses can change at any time, if you have questions please contact the Ranger District offices at:

·         Bradford Ranger District; (814) 363-6000

·         Marienville Ranger District; (814) 927-5700  


“USDA is an equal opportunity provider, employer and lender.”

Allegheny National Forest 2019/2020 Hunter Road List

Open September 25, 2019 to February 15, 2020

Hunter Roads opened on the Bradford Ranger District for the 2019 – 2020 Hunting Season

Forest Road #CountyCounty Road Name
Forest Road 117Warren CountyRock Run Road (Open to 2nd gate)
Forest Road 140Warren CountyCoal Flat Road
Forest Road 153McKean CountyTracy Road (both gates)
Forest Road 158McKean CountyRailroad Bullis Road
Forest Road 163Warren CountyCherry Knob Road
Forest Road 174McKean CountyPrue Hollow Road
Forest Road 177McKean CountyBriggs Run Road
Forest Road 204Warren CountyRobs Knob Road
Forest Road 241Warren CountyLittle Arnot Road
Forest Road 247McKean CountyTinkertown Run Road
Forest Road 252Warren CountyWest Off FR 154
Forest Road 253Warren CountyPebble Run Road
Forest Road 254Warren County           Bull Hill Road
Forest Road 268McKean CountyBump Run Road
Forest Road 272McKean CountyWillow Creek Br Road
Forest Road 273McKean CountyFuller Brook Road (open to 2nd gate)
Forest Road 293Warren CountyNorth Branch Road
Forest Road 309McKean CountyKennedy Springs Road
Forest Road 312McKean CountyMiam Run Road
Forest Road 314McKean CountyWell Road
Forest Road 317McKean CountyPennzoil Road (open to 2nd gate)
Forest Road 362Warren County           Grunder Ridge Road
Forest Road 410AWarren County           Messenger Run Road
Forest Road 438Warren CountyClarendon Run Road
Forest Road 441Warren County          NW of FR 154, east of Chapman State park Road
Forest Road 451McKean CountySwitch Hollow Road
Forest Road 454 (TBD opening date)McKean CountyRimrock Road
Forest Road 472Arnot CountyArnot Road
Forest Road 478McKean CountyNorth Westline Road
Forest Road 479McKean CountyNorth Thundershower Road
Forest Road 500McKean CountyDutchman Road (open to 2nd gate)
Forest Road 500AMcKean CountyDutchman Road
Forest Road 534Warren County           Muddy Branch Road
Forest Road 535Warren CountyCherry Grove Center Road
Forest Road 552Warren CountyEast Hickory Road
Forest Road 558Forest CountySchwab Ridge Road (open to sign)
Forest Road 648McKean CountyDunham Run Road (open to 2nd gate)
Forest Road 110AMcKean CountyGibbs Hill Road
Forest Road 120BMcKean CountyCounty Line Road
Forest Road 142BMcKean CountyRoot Run Road
Forest Road 142CMcKean CountyRoot Run Road
Forest Road 173CMcKean CountyMarshwillow Road C
Forest Road 173FMcKean CountyMarshwillow Road F
Forest Road 176BMcKean CountyBucklick Road B
Forest Road 187AMcKean CountyFour Corner Road A
Forest Road 205McKean CountyCobb Hollow Road
Forest Road 245Warren CountyGrunder Run Road
Forest Road 249Forest CountyYellow Hammer Road
Forest Road 255AWarren County           Fools Creek Road A
Forest Road 260McKean CountyLaurel Ridge Road
Forest Road 266McKean CountyMorrison Run Road
Forest Road 263Warren County           Dew Drop Trail Road
Forest Road 456BMcKean CountyKinMeade Road B
Forest Road 456CMcKean CountyKinMeade Road C
Forest Road 474Warren County           Lacy Run Road
Forest Road 528Warren County           Cherry Grove Road
Forest Road 550Forest CountySunkin Bridge Road
Forest Road 678McKean CountyMarshburg Flats Road off FR 182&451 north of Marshburg Road west of ANF Boundary

Hunter Roads opened on the Marienville Ranger District for the 2019 – 2020 Hunting Season

Forest Road #CountyCounty Road Name
Forest Road 118Elk CountyNansen Road
Forest Road 125A (locked back gate)Elk CountyCorduroy Road
Forest Road 126CMcKean CountyKealor Road C
Forest Roads 128F &128FAForest CountySeldom Seen Area Road
Forest Road 130B (opens Nov 1st)                                     Forest CountyLamonaville Road B
Forest Road 134Elk CountyPigeon Road
Forest Road 145AForest CountySalmon Creek Road
Forest Road 161(locked back gate)Elk CountyDavidson Run Road
Forest Road 165 (opens Nov 1st)Forest CountyFrancis Road
Forest Roads 166,166B,166CForest CountyLaurel Run Road
Forest Road 180Forest CountyThe Branch Road
Forest Road 184Elk CountyMcClellan Run Road
Forest Roads 185E & 185FElk CountyLittle Mill Creek Road
Forest Road 196Elk CountyMartin Ridge Road
Forest Road 198Elk CountyCrane-Martin Road
Forest Road 208 (locked back gate)Forest CountyPrather Run Road
Forest Road 214Forest CountyWildcat Run Road
Forest Roads 218A & 218AAForest CountyHastings Road
Forest Road 219Forest CountyRocky Run Road
Forest Road 220Forest CountyIPSCO Road
Forest Roads 221 & 221BForest CountySlater Run Road
Forest Road 222Forest CountyRock Hanger Road
Forest Road 223Forest CountyBald Hill Road
Forest Road 232 (opened Nov 16 to Dec 16)Elk CountyHighland Road
Forest Road 228A (opens Nov 1st)Elk CountyZimmerman Tower Road
Forest Road 228B (locked back gate)Elk CountyZimmerman Tower Road
Forest Road 230 (locked back gate)Elk CountyHunter Run Road
Forest Roads 235 & 235AElk CountyMaple Run Road
Forest Road 239Elk CountyCherry Hill Run Road
Forest Roads 295 & 295AMcKean CountySouth Branch Road
Forest Road 326Elk CountyWolf Run Road
Forest Roads 340, 340A, 340B, 340C, 340DElk CountySilver Creek Road
Forest Road 394Elk CountyWatson Branch Road
Forest Road 395 (locked back gate)Forest CountyPipeline Road
Forest Roads 396, 396A (locked back gate)Forest CountyHorse Trail Road
Forest Road 397 (opens Nov 1st)Forest CountySalt Spring Road
Forest Roads 399 & 399AForest CountyThree Mile Road
Forest Road 404 (opens Nov 1st)Forest CountyKemp Run Road
Forest Road 423McKean CountyThomas Run Road
Forest Roads 432 & 432AMcKean CountyTrail West Road
Forest Road 442 (locked back gate)Elk CountyBig Run Road
Forest Road 443AElk/Forest CountyCrane Run Road
Forest Road 462Mckean CountyWest Branch Road
Forest Road 463 (opened Nov 16 to Dec 16)McKean CountyGreendale Road
Forest Road 475McKean CountyBreezy Heights Road
Forest Road 480 (locked back gate)McKean CountyWildcat Road
Forest Road 488Forest CountyReck Branch Road
Forest Roads 525 & 525AForest CountyPhelps Run Road
Forest Road 526Forest CountyCoal Bed Run Road
Forest Road 529McKean CountyNorth Bloody Run Road
Forest Road 559Forest CountyW. Bird Dog Road
Forest Road 580 (closes by Dec 16)Elk CountySpring Creek Road
Forest Road 581Elk CountyPropagation Road
Forest Road 584Elk CountyElk Forest Road
Forest Road 591Elk CountyLog Run Road
Forest Road 683Forest CountyBald Hill Road
Forest Road 757Elk CountyTurkey Flock Road
Forest Roads 774 & 774AForest CountyPearsall Run Road
Forest Road 779 (opens Nov 1st)Elk CountySteck Run Road

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Christopher Warner, Public Affairs Officer

Special message from Route 6 Executive Director, Terri Dennison

Special message from Route 6 Executive Director, Terri Dennison

Dear Stakeholders, Partners and Friends of the PA Route 6 Alliance,

It was with great sadness that I tendered my resignation to the Alliance Board last week. My last day in the office will be Friday, October 11, 2019.

It has been my pleasure to work with the Board of Directors, the staff and all the stakeholders of the PA Route 6 Alliance since its inception. Over the years, we have created many successful programs that served both the residents, businesses and communities while establishing US Route 6 in Pennsylvania as a premier driving destination. With the completion of the Management Action Plan and Sustainability Plan, the Alliance has the strategies and tools to continue its worthy efforts.

I will be moving to Elizabethtown, North Carolina to become the Director of Communication and Marketing for the town. My work will benefit greatly from my experiences here in Northern PA.

Again, I truly value all the relationships and friendships of those involved with the PA Route 6 Alliance and the PA Route 6 Tourist Association over the past 23 years. I wish the Alliance the best in your future.


Let’s Stay in Touch!

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