Reconstruction of Parking Areas for Dispersed Camping

Reconstruction of Parking Areas for Dispersed Camping

“The Marienville Ranger District of the Allegheny National Forest announces the commencement of reconstruction of parking areas for dispersed camping on Forest Road (FR) 145 and FR 127 as part of the Warbler Stewardship project. Work will begin on June 21, 2018, and is expected to be completed by June 30, 2018.

Trucks will be hauling stone and placing it in the dispersed campsite parking areas along Salmon Creek (FR 145 and FR 127). Construction equipment will be brought in to spread and compact the stone. The roads will remain open to traffic during reconstruction.

Campers and anglers may find their favorite camping and parking areas are blocked or restricted in size. Please be flexible in your choice of where to camp and park – this may be the time to explore sites along SR 666, FR 132, or the Clarion River. Please do not park on the vegetation or in such a manner that you restrict the flow of traffic on FR 127 or FR 145.

For more information please contact Marienville District Ranger Rob Fallon at 814.927.5799.”

-information provided by the Allegheny National Forest

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