Tracy Ridge Shared Use Trails Project Draft Decision Withdrawn

Tracy Ridge Shared Use Trails Project Draft Decision Withdrawn

Tracy Ridge Shared Use Trails Project Draft Decision Withdrawn

Warren, Pa. (January 26, 2018) – Allegheny National Forest Supervisor Sherry Tune announced today her decision to withdraw the July 27, 2017, draft Decision Notice for the Tracy Ridge Shared Use Trails and Forest Plan Amendment Project.  The Tracy Ridge Shared Use Trails Project proposed to convert a 12.5-mile section of the 34-mile trail system from hiking only to shared-use (open to bicycles and hikers).

In withdrawing the decision, Tune said “I understand the interest in re-vitalizing the Tracy Ridge Trail System and I greatly appreciate the offer from local mountain bike groups to assist the Forest with the maintenance of this system.  At this time, I feel the best course of action for the Forest is to place a pause on the project while we gather additional input and ideas from local user groups.”  In addition, Tune said that other priorities on the Forest have come to the forefront and have stretched Forest resources, “We are being asked to focus our efforts on timber volume and the number of acres treated as national priorities.” The Forest also faces threats in the form of insects and disease, with Supervisor Tune noting the importance of focusing staff time on these emerging forest health issues. Tune added that she plans to continue engaging local user groups on the maintenance needs and opportunities for shared use of the trail system, as well as how we move forward with the project in the future.

The Tracy Ridge area of the Allegheny National Forest is located approximately 15 miles west of Bradford, PA.  The area includes 34 miles of trail (including approximately 10 miles of the North Country National Scenic Trail) and a campground.

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