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Temporary Closure of Boat Access Campgrounds

Temporary Closure of Boat Access Campgrounds

Temporary Closure of Boat Access Campgrounds

Warren, Pa. (June 10, 2019) — The USDA Forest Service – Allegheny National Forest is temporarily closing five boat accessible campgrounds on the Allegheny Reservoir for routine maintenance and hazard abatement.

These temporary closures are necessary for the public’s safety. The Forest Service is working diligently to update maintenance and address hazards within these campgrounds in order to re-open them as quickly and safely as possible.

The Forest Service’s goal is to re-open the campsites as soon as possible as each is addressed, with most planned on being re-opened by July 4th.Paragraph

The campgrounds that will be temporary closed are (see attached map):

  • Handsome Lake
  • Hooks Brook
  • Hopewell
  • Morrison
  • Pine Grove

The Forest Service is committed to ensuring our campgrounds are safe and enjoyable for the public and ask that the public refrain from utilizing the campgrounds and peripheral trail systems until such work is complete.

Information provided by Allegheny National Forest News Release

Release No.: FY191934



U.S. ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS For Immediate Release

Kinzua Dam, 1205 Kinzua Road, Warren, PA 16365

POC: Steve Lauser

April 19, 2019



If you’re concerned about our public lands and natural resources, would like to share your skills and talents with others, and like to meet and work with people, you may be interested in work opportunities under the Corps of Engineers Volunteer Program at Kinzua Dam.  All interested persons, especially retired seniors and college / high school students, are invited to apply. This opportunity is available for all ages, but parental or legal guardian consent is required for volunteers under age 18.

Several part-time volunteers will be needed to fill Visitor Center Host positions starting June 3, 2019.  These positions involve staffing the Kinzua Dam Visitor Center daily from 10:00am to 4:00pm. However, work schedules are flexible, with many part-time options available.

If you’re interested, please contact the Kinzua Dam Office at (814)726-0661, for additional information and Volunteer Application Forms.

Milling Starting Thursday (May 10) in the City

Milling Starting Thursday (May 10) in the City

Watch for roads to be closed around the city starting May 10.  According to Director of Public Works, Mike Holtz, the project will see 12 city streets milled and repaved.  The streets to be milled and paved are: Henry Street, Seventh Ave., East Street, Home Street, Glade Avenue, Division Street, Prospect Street, Buchanan Street, Hertzel Street, Carver Street, some of Irvine Street and Liberty Street.  The project is to wrap up on May 21.

Information from the Warren Times Observer.

Spring Gobbler Hunting Hours

Spring Gobbler Hunting Hours

Hunting hours during the youth hunt end at noon. Junior hunters and mentored youth also may participate in the statewide spring gobbler season.

Hunting hours begin one-half hour before sunrise and end at noon for the first two weeks of the statewide season (April 28 through May 12). Hunters are asked to be out of the woods by 1 p.m. when hunting hours end at noon. This is to minimize disturbance of nesting hens.

From May 14 through May 31, hunting hours are from one-half hour before sunrise until one-half hour after sunset. The all-day season allows more opportunity at the point in the season when hunting pressure is lower and nesting hens are less likely to abandon nests.

For Information Contact:

Travis Lau





It’s time to say goodbye to winter and hello to spring.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission’s Howard Nursery wants to help you “spring” into the season and connect with wildlife in your backyard.

Bluebird nesting boxes built by staff at Howard Nursery are available for sale at the nursery office, as well as the Game Commission’s Harrisburg headquarters, region offices, and the Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area. Nesting-box kits also are available.

Nursery staff build bluebird and other nesting boxes during the winter for annual sales to the public. A single box sells for $11.66, including sales tax. When purchasing two or more boxes, the cost is $10.60 each, including sales tax.

Customers can select pre-built boxes or choose kits that can be assembled as a wood-working project. The kits provide a great opportunity for Scout troops, summer camps and other conservation groups to get involved with helping wildlife. Special pricing is available for organized educational activities. Call the Howard Nursery or region offices for details.

“Building and placing nesting boxes is a great project for individuals, families or civic organizations interested in connecting with wildlife in a natural way,” said Bryan Burhans, Game Commission Executive Director. “What better way to usher in spring than attracting bluebirds to backyards and properties.”

A brochure of the Game Commission’s bluebird nesting boxes and other wildlife structures is available online by navigating to the Howard Nursery page at Place your cursor on the “Information & Resources” tab at the top of the homepage, then click “Get Involved,” and select “Howard Nursery” to find the “2018 Wildlife Homes Order Form.”

The Game Commission’s Howard Nursery has been manufacturing bluebird nesting boxes and box kits for more than 30 years. Each year, the nursery produces an average of 4,000 bluebird boxes and 10,000 kits. In addition to being sold to groups and individuals, they are also available to cooperators in the Game Commission’s Hunter Access Program.

The nesting boxes constructed at the Howard Nursery are approved by wildlife biologists, and have been proven to attract bluebirds and other native species, such as tree swallows and house wrens. Bluebirds are beautiful songbirds native to Pennsylvania. They are cavity nesters that became less common because of a lack of suitable nest sites. Many nest sites have been lost through changing land-use practices, as well as urban and suburban sprawl. The decline in bluebird numbers is also due in part to non-native species, such as starlings and house sparrows, taking over bluebird nesting cavities.

Bluebirds are early nesters, and according to Game Commission biologists, now is the time to place new nest boxes, as well as to clean and repair existing boxes.

Boxes should be placed on a free-standing pole 3 to 5 feet above the ground, facing south, if possible, and facing a nearby tree or fence where young birds can safely land on their initial flights from the box. To reduce predation and competition from other species, no perch should be placed on the box; bluebirds do not need one.

Nesting boxes can be ordered and shipped directly from the Howard Nursery by calling 814-355-4434. Shipping and handling costs will apply. Shipping is not available from other Game Commission office locations. All purchases can be made with cash, check, money order or credit card. Sales will continue while supplies last.

The Howard Nursery is located at 197 Nursery Road in Howard, Pa. Office hours are Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. until 3:30 p.m.

The Game Commission’s headquarters is at 2001 Elmerton Ave., just off the Progress Ave. exit of Interstate 81 in Harrisburg.

Game Commission region office addresses and phone numbers are available on the agency’s website and in the Pennsylvania Hunting & Trapping Digest.

For more information on bluebirds, visit the Game Commission website, click on “Wildlife” in the menu bar at the top of the page, then the “Birding” tab, and scroll down to “Eastern Bluebird” under the “Natural History” heading.

Office Closing

Office Closing

The City of Warren Building and Permit Department will be closed all day on April 4 so staff may attend a training symposium in Pittsburgh.  The office will re-open on April 5.

Chapman State Park Dam Work Update

Chapman State Park Dam Work Update


Dam Work Shifts Gears at Chapman State Park

CLARENDON, PA – KC Construction hopes to shift their focus to the spillway steps and adjacent concrete structures as soon as underground drilling/grouting of the joint between the earthen dam and the Western hillside concludes. Reinforcement of the earthen dam with rollercompacted concrete in conjunction with sediment removal in the lakebed will follow. “Please be alert for construction vehicles and equipment when entering the park,” urges Chapman State Park Manager, Tyson Martin.

Throughout various construction activities, the water level in the lakebed fluctuates from normal pool to only a stream channel without warning, depending on construction needs and precipitation. “The lakebed (with or without water) will remain closed until the project is complete. Hiking trails, most pavilions and restrooms, as well as the picnic area remain open from 8 AM to sunset daily,” reminds Martin.

Historic aerial photograph of Chapman Lake during drawdown, circa 1970.

Contract documents specify an aggressive project completion of late November 2018. To date, the construction is on schedule, although weather has played a significant role and will continue to be a challenge throughout the project.

“We have created a temporary parking area across the road from the first parking lot, near the spillway. Visitors wishing to observe construction activities, hike nearby Penny Run Trail or the old railroad grade, are asked to park in this location; clear of construction activities, gates, and other resources,” Martin said.

The campground, including Camping Cottages and Yurts, opens on April 2, 2018. Reservations can be made by calling 1-888-PA-PARKS (888-727-2757) or

Check for construction updates and photos by visiting

For more details on Chapman and Pennsylvania’s other 120 state parks, visit (Select “Find a Park”).

MEDIA CONTACT: Chapman State Park Manager Tyson Martin: 814-723-025

Allegheny National Forest to Salvage Downed Trees

Allegheny National Forest to Salvage Downed Trees

Marienville, PA. (February 16, 2018) – The Allegheny National Forest will soon be salvaging trees in Warrants 3766, 3773, 3782, and 3788, Highland Township, Elk County and Warrant 3782, Wetmore Township, McKean County, Pennsylvania, damaged during a May 1, 2017, windstorm. Marienville District Ranger Rob Fallon recently signed a decision memo allowing salvage operations to take place on approximately 184 acres of National Forest System lands. “Salvage timber harvests may occur in response to forest health issues or catastrophic events, such as wind or ice,” Fallon said. “We want to recover the economic value of the damaged trees that would otherwise be lost if the wind thrown or damaged trees are not salvaged.”

Approximately 1,500 acres of wind thrown trees occurred across the Marienville Ranger District as a result of the May 1 storm. This is one of a series of proposals, analyses and decisions regarding potential treatment of these wind throw areas.

Additional information for this project can be found at: For additional information about this project, please contact Kevin Treese at 814.927.5759 or

Fundraiser for Conewango Township Canine Fund

Fundraiser for Conewango Township Canine Fund

Conewango Township Canine Fund is sponsoring a fundraiser.  Choper is the Conewango Township Canine Officer.  Decals are available for purchase for $10.

Checks can be sent to  “Conewango Township Canine Fund” to 4 Fireman Street Warren, PA 16365 attention K9 Choper. Thank you everyone for your continued support to Choper 🐾🐾🐾

Allegheny National Forest Open House

Allegheny National Forest Open House

Marienville, Pa. (January 25, 2018) – The Allegheny National Forest (ANF) will change operations at the Twin Lakes Recreation Area for the 2018 season and announced two open houses planned in early February to provide an opportunity for the public to discuss concerns and ideas regarding the future operations at Twin Lakes. 

The Forest will operate the day use facilities at Twin Lakes in 2018, but camping will not be available this year. According to Marienville District Ranger Rob Fallon, “This is not a decision to close Twin Lakes, but for 2018 the ANF does not have the funding or means to address deficiencies with the wastewater treatment system that led to the early closure of the site in September 2017, or the lingering issues with other facilities that support camping at Twin Lakes. We recognize that Twin Lakes is an important recreation destination for local communities and we are committed to maintaining access to the site for day uses such as fishing, swimming, hiking and picnicking in 2018.”

Following a decade of reduced appropriated funding for recreation management, the ANF has seen another 12% reduction in recreation funding since 2015. This has not only affected the ability to address deferred maintenance for recreation facilities across the Forest, it has reduced the staff available to manage the recreation program. The ANF continues to operate developed recreation fee sites through a concessionaire permit, but this will not be an option for Twin Lakes in 2018.

Following the early closure of the Twin Lakes Recreation Area in September 2017, the concessionaire, Allegheny Site Management (ASM), determined that it could no longer operate this facility under the terms of their concession permit.  ASM elected to turn the facility back to the Forest Service to operate.

The ANF has not yet been allocated funds to maintain or repair recreation or administrative facilities for 2018, but decisions on the upcoming operating season cannot be postponed.  With limited staffing, the ANF can maintain public access to Twin Lakes for day use activities, but this will not include opening the main bathhouse.

The decision to forego camping at Twin Lakes in 2018 is not a decision to permanently close the facility. The Allegheny National Forest continues to assess future options for all recreation facilities through a Recreation Site Analysis.

Gathering public input from Twin Lakes’ users is essential to determining any future actions for this site. The Forest plans to hold two open house in February to provide the public with the opportunity to engage in conversation with ANF staff about their personal connections to Twin Lakes, the challenges with maintaining and operating the site, and potential options for operating this site in the future.

The open houses will be held at the Jones Township Community Building, 320 Faries Street in Wilcox, PA (Elk County). The dates are Thursday, February 1, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., and Saturday, February 10, from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.  The public is encouraged to attend these open houses to provide direct feedback to the Forest Service.

Please note that there will be additional opportunities for public input to any proposals regarding future operations at the Twin Lakes Recreation Area.

For more information about operations at Twin Lakes for 2018, please contact the Marienville Ranger District at 814-927-6628.  For more information about the open houses, please contact Marienville District Ranger Rob Fallon at 814-927-5799, or Jones Township Secretary Laurie Storrar at 814-929-5138 (2#).

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