Allegheny National Forest Summer Employment Opportunities

Allegheny National Forest Summer Employment Opportunities

The Eastern Region are seeking qualified applicants to fill multiple temporary, full-time positions for the 2018 summer season.  To apply for any of these positions, visit

Opening dates are from December 1, 2017 through December 7, 2017. 

Please share with anyone you know that may be interested. 

Once in USAJobs, use the following regional  announcement number to search for more detail about the individual position.

Regional Announcement # MR # TEMPORARY POSITIONS             
18-TEMP-R9-RCTRL-5DT-RR FS5584 TEMP-GS-0462-05-Forestry Technician (Recreation/Trails)
18-TEMP-R9-RECTRL-4DT-RR FS5583 TEMP-GS-0462-04-Forestry Technician (Recreation/Trails)
18-TEMP-R9-TIMSLV-5DT-RR FS5597 TEMP-GS-0462-05-Forestry Technician (Timber/Silviculture)
18-TEMP-R9-TIMSLV-4DT-RR FS5596 TEMP-GS-0462-04-Forestry Technician (Timber/Silviculture)
18-TEMP-R9-FSHWLD-5DT-RR FS5606 TEMP-GS-0404-05-Biological Science Technician (Fish/Wildlife)
18-TEMP-R9-FSHWLD-4DT-RR FS5605 TEMP-GS-0404-04-Biological Science Technician (Fish/Wildlife)
18-TEMP-R9-PLNTS-5DT-RR FS5608 TEMP-GS-0404-05-Biological Science Technician (Plants)
18-TEMP-R9-PLNTS-4DT-RR FS5607 TEMP-GS-0404-04-Biological Science Technician (Plants)

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